As passionate Yoga lovers, Frank & Nono dreamt about combining Yoga with the mountains and therefore set up a yoga-studio in the Chalet Nono. The benefits of yoga are not only physical, but also a bless for the mind. The energy of the mountains around are bringing yourself closer to your inner life in this healthy environment. Practising yoga in Chalet Nono after an exciting day in the mountains will remove all body and mind stress.

We have 2 teachers available for private ( on request) or small group lessons ( maximum 8 people)

Yoga Flow, Yin Yang, Mellow Flow or an introduction to yoga and the playful Aerial Yoga

Our teachers :

Emily Ruth 

Emily is one of our favourite yoga teachers, We love her classes because she combines challenging postures with a mindful focus. She makes you feel safe and transmits a deep and strong love for the ancient practice. She will, in a soft and delicate way bring you closer to your inner self. Emili will teach every Wednesday evening at 18:00 during winter season. She is also available for private yoga, on request of course. Click on the logo for link.


Amy Bench 
Amy is teaching Chakra Aerial Yoga. Aerial yoga  is a playful and fun way to practise yoga and enhance other sporting activities. With our weight supported, either partially or fully by the fabric, we can explore ways of aligning and strengthening the body as well as releasing tension and decompressing joints in a practice that is playful and restorative rather than stressful or strenuous. Chalet Nono is one of the first Aerial yoga studios in Morzine region. 

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